HIPtec Products

HIPtec 's environmetal friendly processing technology can be applied to all metallic alloy systems. This includes steels, various hard alloys, alloys based on Ni, Cu, Mg, etc., as well as numerous multi-material combinations.

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A large range of component geometries can be produced by HIPtec 's manufacturing process. This includes parts with complex internal channels, thick-walled seamless tubes, frame structures, and many other form factors. The mass of the components is in the range 1 - 1,000 kg.

HIPtec is producing parts from a large range of materials. Below are some alloy systems that we have experience with.

  • Ni Inconel 625, 718, 725, NiTi
  • Ti CP-Ti, Ti64, TiAl
  • Cu Pure Cu, CuSn, CuNi, CuZ
  • Steels HSLA, 316, F22, Superduplex
  • Hard alloys Stellite, WC, W, TZM
  • Light alloys Mg, Al
  • Multi-material parts Combinations of above alloys and elements.

Rigorous accredited testing is applied to all components. This includes tensile strength, hardness, toughness, impact energy and NDT. Tests are applied in accordance with global standards and customer specifications.

For more information on our product capabilities, please contact us at sales@hiptec.no