HIPtec is a Norwegian technology company that has developed and industrialized a novel additive manufacturing process for the industrial production of metallic components. The  technology involves a combination of Additive Manufacturing and HIPing.

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Plant at Tranby outside Oslo

With its net-shape process, HIPtec helps make the manufacturing industry better, cleaner and faster. Due to the inherent energy- and material efficiency of 3D net-shaping, HIPtec 's manufacturing process offers major quality, cost and lead-time benefits to customers, as well as environmental benefits.

HIPtec has recently expanded its production in a factory located near Oslo. This factory has the capability of making large and complex parts from a wide range of alloys.


HIPtec was established in 2016 as the result of a cooperation between Dr.Alf Bjørseth,  Scatec Innovation AS (then Scatec AS) and Prof. David Jarvis and Dr. Wayne Voice.

David Jarvis has a long track record in industrial R &D, with previous experience from BMW, ESA and as the Chairman of Metallurgy Europe. In cooperation with Alf Bjørseth and Scatec Innovation, he was able to focus on turning metallurgical laboratory ideas into commercial business for HIPtec.

The technology development has brought the HIPtec manufacturing process from lab scale to industrial production in just a few years.

Dr. Alf Bjørseth

Scatec Innovation was founded more than 20 years ago by Dr. Alf Bjørseth as a catalyst for new business ideas and an incubator for high-tech companies within the fields of renewable energy and advanced materials. Through Scatec Innovation, Dr. Bjørseth established and developed the industrial successes ScanWafer, ScanCell, and ScanModule which were later merged into Renewable Energy Corporation (REC), listed in 2006 on the Oslo Stock Exchange.Scatec Innovation also established and developed the solar energy developer, Scatec ASA, listed in 2014.
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