Additive Manufacturing

Our vision

HIPtec aims to be the global front-runner in the production of high-quality complex metallic components, based on its environmentally friendly additive manufacturing process.

About HIPtec

HIPtec is a Norwegian technology company that has developed and industrialized a novel additive manufacturing process for the industrial production of metallic components.

HIPtec has recently expanded its production in a factory located near Oslo. This factory has the capability of making large and complex parts from a wide range of alloys. HIPtec is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

With its net-shape process, HIPtec helps make the manufacturing industry better, cleaner and faster.

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HIPtec advantages

HIPtec's manufacturing process offers a range of benefits for customers:
- High quality
- Competitive price
- Short lead time

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HIPtec products

HIPtec's environmetal friendly processing technology can be applied to all metallic alloy systems. This includes steels, various hard alloys, alloys based on Ni, Cu, Mg, etc., as well as numerous multi-material combinations.

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Team members

Our team consists of highly competent individuals who all strive to make HIPtec the world leading producer of high-quality, complex metallic components.

Our Team

News and updates

HIPtec Gives Invited Keynote Lecture at TMS 2018, USA

HIPtec Gives Invited Keynote Lecture at TMS 2018, USA

On 14th March 2018, Prof. David Jarvis, Chief Technology Officer of HIPtec, gave an invited keynote lecture at the TMS 2018 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, USA.

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