HIPtec advantages

HIPtec 's novel manufacturing technology involves a combination of Additive Manufacturing and HIPping: AM + HIP. Our environmentally friendly processing can be applied to most metallic alloy systems.

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Work in progress at the HIPtec plant (Photo: Torbjørn Tandberg)

Due to the inherent energy- and material efficiency of 3D net-shaping, HIPtec's manufacturing process offers major quality, cost and lead-time benefits to clients, as well as environmental benefits to all. For customers, the major benefits of using HIPtec as a supplier are:

High quality

  • Mechanical properties exceeding those of forgings
  • Hipping results in zero porosity and uniform fine-grained micro-structures
  • Non-melt process results in perfect alloy chemistry and minimum residual stress

Competitive price

  • HIPtec price <conventional powder HIP
  • HIPtec price <forging + machining for parts made of high-value materials with large machining losses

Short lead time

  • HIPtec’s process requires no tooling, resulting in high flexibility &short lead time
  • HIPtec’s current factory: Typical lead time less than 6 months